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Aug 4, 2013 9:30pm EDT
and private lives of our nation's first ladies. week, martha washington to angelica van buren. ladies, weeknights all this month starting monday, 9:00 and eastern on c-span monday's program on martha washington, join in the onversation with historian and author patricia brady at >> this week on "q&a," presidential historian and seale discusses first ladies, influence and image. >> bill seale, who has the having on in history as kept the best of the white house. >> kept as a place to live, as a residence? > you know, well groomed and all that? -- yeah, i would say
Aug 23, 2013 7:00pm EDT
clinton always go to martha's vineyard? priceey paying a proper for the houses they rent? these issues of been explored in every administration i have seen in washington since the 1980's. >> we will take one or two more calls, and then wrap things up with our guest. these -- caller: lobbyists, i think they ought to be outlawed. is just bribery, if you think about it. it is just bribery, paying off the politicians, putting money in their pockets for what their goal is, not the people's goal. that is what i have to say. host: is there any aspect of this we have not talked about that you want to bring up, anything else we should know? guest: not really. i think it has been good to hear the opinions of people in the real world about this, and about the presidential stuff. it gives us something to think about. guest: maybe it is something we can think about. the reuters washington bureau chief. thank you for your time. >> we take you live now to dublin, new hampshire. this is a fundraiser with texas senator ted cruz, one of the candidates we might see run for president in 2016. the chair of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2